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Learning Charlie Parker

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Moose the Mooche ii-V-I

Even though this lick happens early in Parker's "Moose the Mooche" solo, and the slow rhythm in the second measure on the G chord has a "warming up" feel to it, this lick demonstrates Bird's harmonic playfulness. He begins this lick on the 3rd of the ii chord and immediately leaps up to the Flat-5. This leap combines with the downward pull of the Flat-5 to drive to the 1 of the V chord. Bird decorates this move with two lower neighbor notes in a fashion similar to his Confirmation V-I lick. He then plays with a double resolution to the I chord, resolving the C to the B (7th to 3rd line) and the F# to the G (leading tone to tonic). Overall, there is nothing too harmonically advanced in this lick. No Flat-9 to 5 resolutions and nothing super fast, yet it is still charismatically a Bird lick. Like the tune "Moose the Mooche" itself, this lick is playful.

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Charlie Parker's The Complete Savoy & Dial Master Takes - Disc 1

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